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, Kings Own Rifle Corps, 6years and 2 weeks in 1948
written by Letter dad rote on army day’s his words

At the age of 18years I was called to do 2years in the army,this was called conscription,I had applied for the Royal Engineers that was untill I arrived at a camp in Winchester,did I realize that I was to join either the Rifle Brigade,or the Kings own royal Rifle’s Corps both were known as the Royal Green Jackets.So I picked the Kings Own Rifel Corps,and embarket on 10 weeks intencive training was over my squad was taken to a place just 2 miles away from training camp where we served for a while.

One morning we lined up and told that we were to going on a fourtnights leave,and on returning be off to Dissildorff in Germany,but alas this was not ment to be for me.Instead I had to go to a place called Great worchester,to start a trade course this lasted 4 -1/2 months consisted of workshop practice on woodwork,and on preparing living quarters for the instructors from empty old huts.On completeing the course we were given our trade badge.

Cross Axes and a Divisional Badge, I was not told to report back to my unit,on my return to my depot,I was then posted to the Milatary collage of service in Swindon.Where I was given charge of all Maintance work at the collage.This Collage by the was was for officers,where they learnt differant types of weapons.And this is where i stayed till the end of my service with the regament.At the end of my service with the regament,I had my own workshop with men working under me.

I rember one big parade in my first year of service after I finished my trade course,a general who instected us,Asked me how long I had served up till then,And I said "this was the end of my first year sir".And he told me i was the first conscript that he had inspected that had put my time to good use by earning my badges.I did on 2 occasions lead 2 big parades mainly mainly church parades as I was was rather good at keeping up.160-180 steps a miniute which was our regaments pace. I was Demobed on the 9-5-50 at aldershot. 1948-1950 served.

After being demobed for a while I was askedto go back in to the Army on a new scheme Called Z scheme this was a scheme if you were on it for a fournight you would automatically be exempt from having to do the 5 years re serve ,normally done. So I di the fourtnight as a Z man ( they called us this) and so was finished with the army for good. So I thought going back to work as a civvy again things had not changed for the better,so I met a friend who was in the territorials and he persuaded me to joyn,I volanteered for four years service and this was the Queens Terretorials baced at chart lane Reigate, My total service was 6years and 2 weeks altogether. my years of service were 1948-1950 K.R.R.C and1954-1958 The Queens T.A. From my DAD x

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