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Patricia Davies
"The Huntress"

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CF 175

Good morning to all the Family  and especially to the last night and early birds this morning.

Yesterday was very windy, 23 degrees.!

5 degrees this morning and going up to 9
Bright and sunny and I may get out today to do a bit of medical supplies shopping.

The leg is now coming along great, thank you God for Duoderm.

I am sorry you haven’t been feeling well Jacky love, I hope that situation improves soonest, love.
I certainly hope your Doc can do better on your comfort levels, if not , Sonny can.
Love to June, I hope she is keeping well.

Vicky love,
I am pleased your Doc report is stable and the meds are working, just don’t overdo anything , sweetheart, that way you won’t get stressed.
It was a joy to see you looking so well, love, make sure you stay that way.

Yes love, I am over the moon to be seeing my Son w/e 28th and have been shopping for all his favourite stuff!
When he phoned me at Margaret’s, in keeping with my job and the  life he grew up in....he said," Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go to tescos and get me J20 for your Grandkids"  

Next it will be, "Come with me to Canadian Tire for a Day’s shopping"
His favourite store !!

Harry , my Darling  Where are you?
I hope you are still doing well, your Doc’s report is excellent and I must say, you too looked absolutely toppers after such a big op.
I have lost the extra 2 lbs that I gained at Margaret’s, have you lost any or did you carry enough nosh back to last you until next time?

Colum my little sweetie leprechaun What kind of computer are you looking at and where from?
You need one asap love, as I can’t live without your daily posts.
You can’t be running up to Anthea’s all the time to put a post on, you will wear your legs down to the knees..!
I am pleased you like the cd’s, lots of fantastic memorable  oirish tunes my Dad used to sing!
Get that cold sorted the soonest!That’s a Pixie order!

Where’s my rogue Mike ? I see you have rain forecast for all week Mike,  in fact all of you do, all over UK and Scotland  I said you should come back with me, I have sunshine and flowers growing in my garden.....

Soon peeps...soon, you have to come someday soon.  

Hi Roly love
Looks like your house sit is cut a bit short, i hope that it won’t be too inconvenient for you and your mate can accomodate  you for the weekend!
When and where is your next Sit? By the way, have you followed up on your Dr check up, it was some time ago you mentioned he/she was hollering for you?  Good luck on a healthy update, you must certainly be fit with alll the hard work you put in, of course, that can be undone with a few late nights, do it myself.

I hear you Margaret...  "a few late nights" she said, it’s every bloody night at my house
And very much enjoyed too, I am still living on the memories and have not yet left the party scene..

Actually, I think our Scottish tornado made more noise than me, ......  especially in the kitchen, we all thought she was remodelling it and putting new cupboards in, the noise she was making.  Actually she was trying to impress Harry with her culinary skills and he appreciated it, hence the forbidden kiss and my attack with the flying frying pan!! Great photo Margaret!

Oh well, Aaron is here for work now, 8.30 am and putting a fresh pot of coffee on, so I shall sign off for now and no doubt, pop in later....I still have lots of brownie points to catch up on....according to Margaret.!

So to ALL the family, have a great day and I am thinking of you.
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17/04/2012 13:33:31
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Margaret Turner

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cf 175

Hello family from a blustery and showery Bury,not so warm today,but i have been busy ....Now! picture the scene!!! it’s peeing down and blowing a gale outside,i am feeling a bit cheesed off doing the dusting and thinking "this is boring" so i thought i know i will put scouses cd on and have a bit of music,so i did and before i knew it i was dancing round the living room with the duster in my hand and flicking it over the furniture,Phil was sat at the table on his laptop,before i knew it Lulu singing "shout" came on and i joined in singing along with her as well as dancing and dusting,it did Phil the world of good,he was crying with laughter,Well i assume it was laughter,he was definately crying and that’s been my day so far....

i am happy to see you all,sorry i have been a bit lax in posting but as you know there is always something happening here,as well as the fact that i suffer a lot with idolitis.

sorry to hear you had a bad day yesterday JAcky love i hope you are feeling better today,it’s funny but Phil had a bad day yesterday,he feels a bit brighter now though,  love to June xxxxx

Hugh love,it is a bit hit and miss sometimes who replies to who,sometimes i know i read all the posts but never get round to replying to everyone.....
I hope it isn’t long before you hear about your op.the waiting is a drag though,i know as again it could be weeks and weeks before Phil is sorted and that is only if they find a surgeon willing to take him on.....

Roly love, i take most of the photos of Amelia when she comes for the day,otherwise i doubt we would see any at all... good luck at your next house sit,i hope it goes well,as Patricia mentioned,what news on your next check up? you haven’t mentioned it for a while....

Hi Vicky love,glad you are feeling ok,keep taking the tablets love....
Sounds as if you are having a winters day down there,it’s the same here,roll on summer it’s too long in coming,i hope that wasn’t our summer we had in march....

Hello Patricia love glad to hear you are ok and your leg is coming along ok....
Glad you like the pic,it was an opportunity i couldn’t resist hahahaha it suits you,as for late nights,i have never known anyone spend their nights like you do,i thought i was a night rake but you beat me hands down....

lets see if i can find another pic....

Just to remind you what these two rogues look like....

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Margaret 'love makes the world go round'
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17/04/2012 15:48:50
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harry nixon
""Big Eats""

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CF 175

Afternoon everyone sunny but cold, it was wild and wet this morning.

I are here Patricia I’m going to try a lame excuse, my laptop was a little hors de combat my fault I might add so a little time was spent sorting it out, this was at the same time fixing Kevin’s machine. Anyway that’s my story

Hugh glad you cracked the PM system it’s handy at times, I had sent you a couple when you first came in now I understand why I didn’t here from you. Don’t worry about peeps replying I put most of the names in  my posts and only get a couple who answer.

Margaret have things settled down to a gallop now, Amelia’s pics are good, nearly as bonny as her Nan, just building brownie points. Hope Phil gets some rest soon.

Colum time the new laptop appeared, I haven’t heard how many goals wee Ben has scored for awhile.

Mike where are you, still firefighting on the pier, time Jack came round and located you.

Jack how are you diddling give June a hug from me.

Scouse give your better half a cuddle for me, I was listening to one of your CDs good stuff. The first name I saw must have been 108 when she died, I remember taking her big sister out.

Vicky any breakfasts going xxx

June love have you any grapes left I’m pining for a bit of sustenance and that’s the only way I get a cuddle without getting a beady eye from Sandy.

Everyone enjoy the day.
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17/04/2012 17:12:47
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Hugh Removed
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Nice see you back posting Harry.How your name got blocked on my PM is beyond be and you were not on your own. I had to contact them to find out how to unblock. Must now keep an eye on that area to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I know you and Vicky always do your best to answer posts, and with Phil giving you such a worrying time I can understand you not being able to keep up. I have just given one reason for so many of the C/F not being very active. I think in my last few posts its been more miss than hit. I posted a pic of Yvonne my stepson Trev and I, but not one mention  of any one seeing it. Not upset about it, but it does make one lose interest pretty fast.

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17/04/2012 17:58:07
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Mike Ayliffe
"Handle Oval balls with care."

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Evening all from a showery Costa Brid.

That photo looks like it is straight out of the "Rogues Gallery"Margaret.

Received all your Bury Bash snaps,thankyou,not to forget the ones of the little Amelia.

Pleased your leg is coming along fine Patricia,and you have cut down on the asprin intake.Now that just leaves you increasing the alcohol intake.

Enjoy your time with your son Patricia,and let him spoil YOU.

Done my stint down on the harbour cafe Harry,at the moment it is just an empty shell awaiting for the insurance work to start.
I see that your Black & Whites are getting the results,so no piss taking untill they crack.

Wait untill you have been on CF for a few years Hugh,and you will still be ignored,I am all the time,but it could do with me typing with invisible ink.

Hows the Midwifery going Roly,for petes sake,don’t get your arm up a Bulls arse by mistake.

Nostalgia is not what it used to be.
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17/04/2012 19:15:18
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