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Terry Carey

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If you’re bored with this site....

I want to know why Roly doesn’t buy his eggs like everyone else - unless he’s sympathetic to poachers.  

Well, they have to make a living too!!!!


By the way, for general information, I have just, once again, taken up the matter of threads being unavailable and received the reply that it is because some people, when opening them, use ’apostrophes and exclamation marks’!!!!!

I shall peruse the titles of such threads more carefully in future.  I have now asked why this information could not have been made known in a dedicated thread.


I used to be uncertain - now I’m not so sure!
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05/03/2012 15:29:55
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John Richards
"A Happy Poster"

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A friendly word in your shell-like, TC.

MP has already made a poached egg gag . . . .

Or did a poached egg make MP gag . . . . . ?

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05/03/2012 16:03:04
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George Runacus
"Even my daughters are bigger t"

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Terry Carey,Mick Pass, Roly Rowsell et al

Just paid a fortune (well a fortune to a pensioner) to renew my description, conscription, inscription, prescription, subscription...whatever, and wonder what’s going on. It was never boring a few years ago and, to be honest, I’m not yet familiar with the site to rediscover whether it has become boring, so I’ll probably hang around for a bit and see.

Seriously, if the site has become boring I blame no-one. I seem to remember a few years ago when we decided to elect a new government from the members on this site. I seem to remember that Terry Carey was Prime Minister or something of that stature and maybe Mick Pass was Chancellor. We suggested that we could do a better job of governing the country or something as daft anyway and then we all had a little chuckle in our respective garrets I assume. The problem is that the world has become a little more serious and polititians have become a bit more silly and I think it’s time we asserted ourselves as senior citizens. There are too many sites for us to inhabit in the hours we have in retirement and so - in my case anyway - we dip in and out; spreading alittle wisdom here and a little chortle there and nobody, nobody takes us seriously any more. Let’s face it Guys and Gals we’ve lost all or any influence we may have thought we had to change this world of ours before we chuck off that mortal coil, ’til eventually all we have left are memories of what might have been. For me, all I want to do now is to dip in and out of web sites. Really don’t want to change the world - That’s for Grandson Harry - just want to be happy.

I didn’t know what I wanted to write but started and then broke off for tea and the news. Tea was good (home made Chicken fried rice since you ask) but the news was bad,bad,bad. I was watching what is happening in Syria and the Bombing of Homs and asking the question, "Why is the Syrian Army bombing their own people?" Don’t give me the ’Obeying Orders’ stuff. I would no more bomb Manchester, Wales, Scotland than I would bomb my own family.... disgraceful, disgusting state of affairs. Why do we pay into that waste of space organisation called United Nations if we are not United in the condemnation of genoicide?

I’m probably on the wrong thread to be doing my Victor Meldrew but F’k’n’ hell who listens anymore?


Love Conquers All
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05/03/2012 19:17:09
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Mike Pass
"Numquam praestiti"

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Welcome back, George. You have been missed (I have got change of 10 note!).

You can’t train stupid!
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05/03/2012 19:35:53
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Arthur(Roly) Rowsell

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So wonderful to see you return to the fold George Runicus of Liverpool fame. I, for one, am pleased to see the learned scribbling of such an esteemed Gentleman.
I knew that the mini cyclone that we were supposed to have last night would do some good somewhere.
For the remainder of you young...ish fellas. So pleased that you have been able, in your usual skilled manner, to rearrange the subject to nothing like the title.
For the benifit of MP, I have gone of the subject of sheep, since I have had problems with the burrs in the fleece. Enough said on that subject.
I enclose a photo of my new interest for you to peruse and comment on.
Enjoy the day.

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Consult the veteran, not the incompetent Politicians.
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05/03/2012 20:06:45
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