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Colin Hall
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Quoting: john daly
The chain of "Past Times" shop has gone into liquidation. For anyone who has not been in †one they were shops crammed with nostalgia, all thing from toys , books, cups, mugs, cushions, pictures etc. all things from the 1940s onward.
Never bought much as they were a bit expensive but just browsing in there was such a pleasure.

Really? I’m surprised to hear that JD, I thought they would have been a gold mine!  On our trips to the UK wherever I saw one Anne ultimately had to drag me out, but then she’s a fourth-generation kiwi!
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24/02/2012 21:27:44
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thomas fleming
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Syd  did you have a "fire-can" about 10" high with wire in a loop about 12" long ,holes in the sides of the can filled with anything that burnt. You would whirl it round and round over your head till it glowed to get a good flame .

Terry I’ve had to get rid of my chair in front of the computer and replace it with a kneeling bench in case I have to communicate with you again-says him tugging his fore-lock.I’m sure I’ve seen you in Chester with the Duke of Westminster on his estate with a shotgun over your arm
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24/02/2012 21:30:08
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Colin Hall
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Quoting: Marie Drew

Some look back at these times and the years folllowing with nostalgia but would we really like to live this way again?. †I doubt it. †For all the liberal ideas which many believe currently, are detrimental to our lives, we now live in a very materialistic, affluent world with technological and health care advances enabling a standard of living which our parents and grandparents would have found beyond belief.


Would we like to live that way again?

Possibly not, but then that isn’t the point of the thread is it!

I had a wonderful family gathering for my birthday on Thursday of this week, my 72nd, and there is a good deal of satisfaction in it for me that all of our three children, all born in New Zealand, have produced such wonderful families without any  of deprivations we had. They were all born in a proper hospital for a start;I was born in the front room!

I wouldn’t have thought that all this nostalgia  had any bearing whatsoever on the world of today, and let’s be honest, while there have indeed been all the advances you mention, there is much that is most definitely not an improvement on the past.

Once a standard is allowed to slip, then it is usually irretrievable, and boy, have standards slipped in the last fifty years ago. What is generally acceptable as normal today would never have entered our heads as being such, and I would argue that the world we live in might have better standards, but they’re most certainly not higher!
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24/02/2012 21:59:40
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John Richards
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Times Past

Continuing this slight deviation from the thread, I would ask this question. Could your body be re-charged so that you were young again and in your physical prime, would you want to be living in the world of your youth, or in the present time?

I think it would be nice to be starting  back in the old days, but with the knowledge and experience I have now.
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25/02/2012 15:36:36
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Terry Carey

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TImes Past

Quoting: Patricia Davies

Never mind T.C., love, †At least you got to marry your lovely wife Patricia.

The name Patricia means íNobleí so it means you didnít lose out on everything.  

That’s so true Patricia - she makes up for everything and she’s the diamond in my life so our next anniversary is very fitting.

Thanks for the comment and Patricia seldom reminds me of the meaning of her name - only when I need reminding!!!!!


I used to be uncertain - now I’m not so sure!
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25/02/2012 17:46:01
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