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Margaret Turner

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cf  173

Quoting: Mike Ayliffe
Evening all.Bloody cold wind blowing up the Kyber Pass this afternoon.

Sorry Murray,but yes,you are stuck with me for another year,but then you are one of the good guys.

Big discount on membership as it turned out.A fiver for the year,less a penny.

I knew it,I JUST knew it.You can’t keep away from that desk can you Patricia.

Harry should just about be ready to take advantage of the nurses now,maybe a tad slower running around the ward,but when he DOES catch them,he will then scratch his head,and forget why he has chased them in the first place.

Hi Mike i for one am happy we are stuck with you for another year...
hahaha i have this picture in my head now,of Harry shuffling round the ward after the nurses,somehow i think he would remember what to do,but then he would go bright red at the thought of his stitches popping hahaha...

Spoke to Patricia this evening,she has a least been out shopping today,and not done/interfered with the office...

Margaret 'love makes the world go round'
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24/01/2012 19:44:09
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Margaret Turner

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cf 173

Quoting: Hugh Hards
Hello Margaret its happening within 2 weeks so not long to wait. Thankfully before we go away. If it is bowel cancer it will be in its very early stages which they can cure. Bleeding could have been from many reasons which are quite harmless.

Very pleased Harry is on the mend, and he is sure to be back with us soon.

Tomorrow going to be a dry mild day so its off to the golf course to meet my golfing friend. But I will be taking my water proofs just to be on the safe side. Cannot trust the weatherman they always have an excuse for being wrong.

Isn’t retirement great always wonder how I found the time to go to work  

Hi Hugh,i am sure all will be well for you,Phils problem was polyps so he soon got over that... good luck hugh.
Yes harry is missing everyone,he is bored so getting ready to get home now....
have a good round tomorrow,that’s what having free time is all about,enjoying doing what you are doing.....

Margaret 'love makes the world go round'
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24/01/2012 19:52:04
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John (scouse) Hirons
"The Dingbat"

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Alright Each & All, Today has been one of those days, we had to get up at ridiculous o’clock to set off to be at Broard Green for 0900 for Mine Fuhrers blood test. If anyone knows the ’Pool they’ll know what a challenge that is, if you think of hells highway at Armageddon they will have a slight idea what Queens Drive is like at rush hour (which on the ’Drive is from about 0600 to 1000). Broad Green is only about 8 miles for our house but it took me from 0745 to get her there on time. At Broard Green the only parking is at the main gate & it’s always full & as the main enterance is about 1 -2 miles (I kid you not) from the gate I drove her in. She then went to her department, & I drove ’round in circles (they’re quick with the parking fines). After being sent all over the piggin’ hospital Mine Fuhrer had her blood taken & got back to the car at 1100, then it was back on the bludy ’Drive (I hate that road) & got back to our house just in time to get a phone call from me Mams carers tellin us that she has reported that someone had broken into her flat & stolen her keys. So off we went to Me Mams, after searching her flat we found the culprit, Me Mam, they were still ’round her neck. & YOU WONDER WHY I DRINK!!!!!!

  Margaret, Thanks for the update on our Harry, if it’s any consolation Sandie reckons that Physio’ gave her the ’stair test’ & kicked her out of dock the next day, mind you I think they were just glad to get shut of her.

  Jacky. Good to see you back posting me auld mate, for a jock you even spelt everything right (I’m dead ain’t I) seriously it’s great to see you back to form.

  Hugh, My Mrs (Sandie, Mine Fuhrer) has just had the an op for bowl cancer If you need any gen let’s know your email & she will answer any question you have but generally the idea is more scarery than the fact.

  Mike, Typical, reductions in the fee, only a Yorky could land on his feet like that.

  Vicky, Sandie say thanks but she wants a big hug when we next meet up.

Last edited by John (scouse) Hirons

A situation may be desperate but never serious
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24/01/2012 20:28:28
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June Clubb (nee LONG)
""The Scottish Tornado Twi"

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Hello everyone just to let you all know I am still i the land of the living.I have been busy with the family and have had a couple of low days so just didn’t want to be a moaning minnie.

I was at another funeral with Trisha today so hope it is the last for a while

 Will catch you all later.  

     Love to you all June

Glad you are staying with us Mike
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24/01/2012 20:31:52
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Hugh Removed
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Thanks John, if the worse comes to the worse I’ll ask the question on here in the open, the more people know and understand about the subject the better. It suprising how they tell you to see your doctor at the first sign but never tell you what the signs are.

Sorry Phil still not steady on his feet yet Margaret just hope its not to long before he is fully fit.

Nice to see you back posting June if you want to have a good moan this is a good place to do it.
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24/01/2012 22:00:10
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