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Hugh Removed
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Hello Vicky I have feeling we are talking about different parts of the body, where this camera going I don’t think I will be taking any thing. I may be wrong and I will let you know if thats the case

What a lousy day, weather wise that is, cold wet and windy good job I have nothing planned for out doors.

Viagra Colum, I have had a few pop ups on that subject in the past. Far to late in the day for me, sooner have a pint of beer
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24/01/2012 10:27:53
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jack (jock) kelly

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                               C.F. 173

Good Morning  To You Margaret. Wendy. Teresa. Vicky.

Sheila. Patricia .Adele. Eve. Julie. Pat. Rita. Theresa.

Tracy. Sheila(j).Sue    Kate. June Pamela Christine. Mike.

Harry. Colum.Roly  Byron. Murray. Arthur. Ian ,Charlie.

Eddie. Trevor. Pete. John Scouse,Hirons. Ron. Ray.

Donald. Gordon. Graham. Phillip. David. Fred. Gus. Carl.

(rev)John. Bob. Mick. Alan. Tony. Emlyn. Owen..Mathew.

James.. Kevin. Andrew. Steve.Frank.Hugh.Gerard.Doug.

Kingo. Maurice Wazza. Ray.& Shirl

And  All The Rest Of The Family Have A Nice Cold  Tuesday.

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be happy lifes to short!(jacky)
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24/01/2012 11:03:14
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jack (jock) kelly

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                               C.F. 173

  Hi.Its Good News,To Hear Harry Has Past The First Hurdle.

My Thoughts Are With Him Patricia And Phil.

Thanks For All Your E/Mails

And Thank F*** Mike Is Staying On Board For

Another Year. Good On You Mate.

Margaret Will You Let Me Know The Run Down For March Please.

June I Will E/Mail You My Address And Phone Number.

Give Me A Bell When You Hit Glasgow.

As For Having Been Hacked. I Really Don’t Know. But

It Might Have Something To Do With Me Giving My

Desktop To My 12 Year Old Grandson.On Saturday ??

As For The Rest Of My "FREANDS" Have A Good One With What Ever Your Doing.

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be happy lifes to short!(jacky)
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24/01/2012 11:20:23
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Colum Doherty
"Oirish Adonis"

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Hello again everyone.

Naw Vicky just wishful thinking - its a great day here in ballymena - cold but brisk and good  walking day.

Doesnt  look like there is too much room to get out of the house between the campervan and the boat.  I am sure you will manage though.

Scouse i hope everything goes according to plan.  I will be thinking of yous.

Hello Patricia how could you  contemplate hitting sacouse with a frying pan - a heavy hub cap would be mpore appropriate.   That should be Scouse.

I hope you are in good form.  I dont think you are capable of retiring 100%.  A little piece of you will always want to work.

The snow hasnt arrived here yet.

I wonder who is sending the e mails in Jackys name.  Can admin not sort it out.  I dont really need the viagra.

No update on Harry yet.

All for now - where are you Margaret.

look after people on the way up you might meet them on the way down again.
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24/01/2012 12:20:37
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Margaret Turner

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cf 173

Good evening family

Sorry i have been missing,i have been busy today,all the ironing is done,and i have had to be following Phil about a lot he is very unsteady today and each time he sets about doing anything i have been on edge and having to follow him about to make sure he stays upright...

I had a text from Harry he is bored bored bored stiff,he has had the physios walking him about and tried the stairs,he hopes they are going to let him home soon,he said he is missing contact with everyone,that’s it for now,but at least he is updating us .....

what a horrible day it’s been here,so miserable the drizzle has been like a sheet hanging over the windows

jackie love it’’s great to see you posting,i will e mail you with the arrangements... i hope you are feeling well or at least better than before.... i am pleased that mike is staying too,he can’t do without us,that’s the truth....hehehe

Colum love,the e mails from jack will have been hacked,but it’s nothing to do with this site,they are from facebook or messenger,i don’t know how to rectify it though...
Harry is doing ok love, he is missing contact with everyone,but i am sure he will make up for it all when he gets out,hopefully this week  ...

Hi Hugh love,if you are having a camera in your nether region,then you will be having some sort of "medication" like the "pop up" pun a couple of weeks coming up in tenerife will take your mind of things lov e,good luck with all of it...

Margaret 'love makes the world go round'
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24/01/2012 19:08:03
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