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Arthur(Roly) Rowsell

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Good Monday morn to ye all! Congratulations to young Colum for becoming a Grandpa again. But fancy spoiling it by bringing in a Girl. I tell yer, Girl germs are rife in the world mate.
Now stop whinging Scouse. I have to do the housework up in the West wing or that miserable sod of a Boss will send me back down to the cellar again and turn down the temperature of that moat water and increase the hieght of the tide. Miss me rats, but fed up with the wrinkley skin. It would be better for all of us if he removed the chains, but then he is frightened that I will be able to fly from the top tower.
He aint all that bad though. He is allowing me a day off on the 31st of April. He must be a politician, as the boss, can change the calender without getting it passed by the public.
Morning Margaret, nice to hear you bouncing around again and getting wound up for the Christmas festivities. Just wish you and Phil a better year healthwise. Take care and do not overdo it.  
When I awoke around five am. I started checking to see where Caddy was. It took me a couple of minutes to remember that her was at home with his Mum and Dad. The other two dogs keep looking around the garden for Caddy as well.
Right. The kettle has boiled and I had better get the dogs their brekkie.
Back later.

Consult the veteran, not the incompetent Politicians.
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18/12/2011 19:50:08
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Colum Doherty
"Oirish Adonis"

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Good evening all.  Its been a wonderful day today.

I will bid you all a good good night.

Take care and god bless you all.

look after people on the way up you might meet them on the way down again.
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18/12/2011 21:56:15
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June Clubb (nee LONG)
""The Scottish Tornado Twi"

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Hello everyone its cold and snowy here I have just managed to get on here as I’ve been busy all day.

I finally got my tree up only to discover some of the lights are not working I have a pre-light tree and the lights are in circuits of about a dozen bulbs and when I get one section working another goes out So gave up and will get some more bulbs tomorrow

Colum congratulations bet you are chuffed to bits bet you can’t wait to see her.
Margaret I have still to get some presents the rest are getting vouchers or money. Sandy made tea tonight fillet steak Mark bought us them on Friday for a treat and they were delicious. Eat your heart out boys  

I had a message from a nice man today and didn’t recognise the number and had a nice chat with him I’m not telling who it was because I want to give him There now thats more than I got from you

To the rest of the boys

Vicky I am all better now, I have finished my tablets and I wwill get my results tomorrow

Well Folks I’m off to check my mail and will catch you all in the morning

Love to you all June  
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18/12/2011 22:32:34
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raymond hall
"happy bowler"

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cyber family 172

dear scouse and family, sorry about the noisy chains disturbing your ratting!!!!! Ihave had them all removed and got him some new clothes [evedently they only wear shorts and T shirts where he came from ] so everything should be hunky dory from now on.merry xmas and happy new year to you and your family from ray and shirly  ps see how easy it is to be nice?
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19/12/2011 06:22:17
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Colum Doherty
"Oirish Adonis"

Membership Level: Full
Posts: 9786
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Good morning all from a very wet ballymena.

Never mind - i get to see my new grandaughter today i am so happy.

Roly get the maid to clean the cellar and attic etc and you have an extra large rum and a beer or two.  Not in the ame glass though.

Chain rattling is so annoying and scouse will probably half inch them anyway being a scouser so the problem shouldnt last too long.

Well the run up to christmas is well and truely on.

I do wish it would snow though.

Hello Ray and Shirl - tops and shorts on the big day - happy days.  Enjoy it all.

Good morning Vicky and Ian and Patch.  Not walking weather here at the minute.

Hello June and Sandy yes i am over the moon and chuffed to bits.  There is a photo on facebook if you are on it.

Take care everyone stay dry and safe.

Havent too much to say for meself.

All the best Harry for your reports this morning I will be thinking of you.

New gandaughters name is Aaliyah Bridie Jean Doherty.  After the grannies.

look after people on the way up you might meet them on the way down again.
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19/12/2011 07:47:17
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