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John (scouse) Hirons
"The Dingbat"

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Quoting: jack (jock) kelly
† † † † † † † † † † Scouse & Sandie †

† † Thank You For The Lovely Christmas Cardí
† † † † † † † † † † †
† † † † † Very Thoughtful Of Yous. Thank Mate


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Alright Jack, Our pleasure me auld mate.

A situation may be desperate but never serious
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20/12/2011 19:28:56
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Arthur(Roly) Rowsell

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Good morning world. Its a brand new day and the sun is out and shining .  Ooops! Sorry Colum.
Wednesday morning and very nice as well...4 Days before the Big Yin get here, that is if anybody told him where I am.
I love your "out before dawn’ touch Hugh. That would have been around 0730 in your climate. 4 hours on the green would take you to nearly Noon. My how convenient, the pub is open and it has a roaring log fire to warm our backsides and the ale to warm our innards. Had a hard day at the office Missus?
Not sure what to do today. Did my small amount of grocery shopping yesterday and have the bottle of rum stowed ready for the day. Did call into the pub, but very quiet. Lots of the Younger generation are drifting into town now ready for the start of the Woodford Folk Festival which starts on the 27th. Lots of activities out at the site with the infrastructure being put into place. The festival runs until the 1st January and attractes thousands of people to the festival site and the overflow hits the town. Becomes very busy and the police are busy as well doing the road patrols and chasing the criminal element who frequent these activities. Glad I am in town for only 3 days of it. To get anywhere we have to drive past the site entrance and it is usually jam packed with vehicles trying to get in. I am far enough away not to get the Boom Boom of the music.
OK. Not a lot more to say, except for you all to stay safe and have fun.

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Consult the veteran, not the incompetent Politicians.
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20/12/2011 20:31:15
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Colum Doherty
"Oirish Adonis"

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Good night all - sleep well.

God bless you all.

Roly m8 its raining very heavy here at the moment - really pixxxsing it down.

look after people on the way up you might meet them on the way down again.
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20/12/2011 23:30:26
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Colum Doherty
"Oirish Adonis"

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Good morning all - shopping all done so will have a lazy day today.

Am babysitting in the afternoon - school is out early.

Very cold and wet here at the moment - no frost so thats a bonus.

Stay on the rum Roly - cold beer doesnt warm the innards just makes you pee more.  

I am sure the folk festival will bring in lots of cash for the local shops etc or do they all bring their own provisions.

Hello Scouse - hope you and Sandy are well.
I have just been told santa is from scouseland.  He climbs down chimneys, breaks into houses, drives an untaxed vehicle, only works once a year and has an unlimited stack of power tools and hubcapIs this true haha.

Have a great christmas.

Good morning Vicky and Ian and Patch.

No one else around - good morning for when yous surface.

look after people on the way up you might meet them on the way down again.
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21/12/2011 06:57:19
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vicky codling nee bassett
"victoria plum"

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Good morning everyone, a dull drizzly day here but quite warm which will save on the heating bills.

Colum when do your schools break up, ours broke up last Friday.

Hugh Sian has played golf since she was 16, and her Mum and Dad also play, however it is not for me. I like watching the big matches though.

Our next door neightbour who is 86 is jetting off to South Africa for Christmas to see his daughter and is then flying on to Perth to see his Grandaughter and family who have recently emigrated there. Hope I am as active at 86.

Ian is in for a busy day today, he is walking Patch at the creek, then off to the local tip with lots of rubbish and then coming home to put up my kitchen blinds.

Margaret how is Phil now? Hope there is some improvement and that you are ok.

Dont forget the Military honours programme is on tonight at 8.30, it will be a tear jekrer I expect.

Have a nice day everyone, take care and keep warm.
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21/12/2011 09:03:49
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