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Michael Potter
"Ros Comain."

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Quoting: John (scouse) Hirons

Alright Michael, I think itís safe to say there will be repercussions from Europe over Camerons walk out but to blame it on a íleft wing plotí is well wide of the mark. The days of íreds under the bedí died with Senator McCarthy & is not missed. To say itís a right wing plot would be equally wrong, it is a power play & most genned up nebbies are pointing at Sarkozy as the prime mover.

Iím afraid your claim of a left leaning EU parliament doesnít stand up to scrutiny. MEPs sit in seven political blocks inside the Parliament these are;

European Peopleís Party (EPP) right of center with 265 MEPs

Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D) left of center with 184 MEPs

European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) right wing with 56 MEPs

Greens/European Free Alliance (GRN/EFA) left wing with 55 MEPs

European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE) far left with 35 MEPs

Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) far right with 27 MEPs

Non-Inscrits (NI) mainly far right 29 MEPs

By any way of counting the center/far right has a majority of eighty three.

A very measured response Scouse.   Yes I agree Sarkozy is the prime mover in this particular power play.

You forgot in your calculations to include The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe  (ALDE)  85 MEP’s.   I will however let you off on this occasion!!
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14/12/2011 17:19:52
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Margaret Turner

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Our Place in Europe???

My dad fought in the 2nd world war,and many years later when i was growing up,he shocked me by by declaring that even though "we" won,he said the germans will be the rulers of europe ....He stood by that statement till he died.....

I think he will be proven right one day in the not too distant future....

Margaret 'love makes the world go round'
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14/12/2011 17:47:35
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Mike Pass
"Numquam praestiti"

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I’ll make you a prediction then!

I have read in this thread about how the Germans are engineering this mess along with the French. I totally refute that. The French have, through their attitude of shove everyone else, we do what we want over a couple of decades, somehow gained a great deal of clout. Something that in the wrong hands can be deadly. French hands is the worst thing that could happen to Europe. All that they can manage is how to surrender, how to urinate in the street and how to smell, badly. They are our oldest enemy and still should be our major focus for target practice for our military.
The Germans, on the other hand, ’seem’ to have learned their lesson after WWII and the fact that National Socialism nearly caused their eradication. It is easily forgotten that they are one of our oldest friends.
Merkel is being railroaded by the Sarkozy and time will show that. I have little doubt that this new ’union’ will collapse relatively quickly and when it does watch how quickly Merkel comes a courtin’ the current pariah of Europe.
I have no time for Cameron or any other UK politician, as you well know. However, even he can do something right on occasion.
There will also be a trickle of minor members to our side of the fence as time goes on.

The French will prove out the continuing fact that they could not organise a p*ss up in a brewery.
Sarkozy may be flying high in his own little world right now but let’s see what happens when the Eurozone nations tell him where to shove his Frog superstate.......................cos it’s gonna happen...guaranteed.......

You can’t train stupid!
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14/12/2011 18:44:08
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Margaret Turner

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Our Place in Europe???

Mike i agree with you to a certain extent,but i am maybe talking about even further in the future,and that the french will eventually be the same as the rest of europe!
Germany being our old friend wont mean a thing they will get what they want and that is to be the rulers of europe,and that will be without a shot being fired!!!

Margaret 'love makes the world go round'
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14/12/2011 20:31:08
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Terry Carey

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Our place in Europe???

I see the backsliding has started already in a small way.  Angela Merkel is being quoted as saying that there is still a place for the UK in Europe.  She’s savvy enough to know what I said earlier and that is that they would not like to lose our contributions.  Once that filters through the bonedomes of some of the other National leaders they will start to retrench their positions also.

Again if, as, and when the other countries realise that if we go out of the EU and prosper, which we have every chance of doing, they might also consider doing the same.  

The main problem is still that they haven’t and seemingly won’t kick Greece out when every one with any sense realises that that would be a wise course of action.

Pity so few of the leaders have any sense..


I used to be uncertain - now I’m not so sure!
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14/12/2011 23:05:50
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