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Keith Baron
"K.A .The Robin"

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Quoting: John (scouse) Hironsks like someone wants to start the range wars again. [/I]

Who is playing Shane?

Fortune favours the bold
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17/12/2011 17:16:08
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John (scouse) Hirons
"The Dingbat"

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Quoting: Keith Baron

Who is playing Shane?

Alright Keith, Oh noooo, why didn’t I think of that one!!!!!!!!!!

A situation may be desperate but never serious
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17/12/2011 17:59:38
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Alan Parkinson
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Quoting: Mike Pass
Sorry, got to leave this thread now as it is turning surreal!!!!

Steve, I did just that (learned much about the French) that is why my argument is sound.

Alan, do you believe in X Factor and Santa as well????
I could make you a video tomorrow that seems to show thousands of people singing my praises but the reality is that I would quite easily ícutí to suit myself.

We are moving from factual (given the different povs) to personal preference now, so, for that reason......Iím out!

It is a pity you did not read about the Germans.
Try and watch the newsreels of Hitler entering Austria.
Also are you telling me there is no Santa????

Get In Get Out and Get Away - Story of My National Service with the Kings Own Royal Border Regiment
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17/12/2011 18:54:30
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Colin Hall
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Quoting: John (scouse) Hirons

Alright Colin, Where have you been for the last few weeks? Collin not only deliberately went out to wind me up & ruining many threads in the process but boasted about it in open forum. When I retaliated he like the true blue he is runs & hides behind the ignore button. Now he starts again dragging Labour in totally out of context. If you wish to carry on where he left off be my guest but donít complain on the reaction, I would prefer to carry on as normal but the choice is yours.

Ps † His misspelling of Miliband wasnít ironic, it was childish & pathetic.


Scouse, your problem is that you’re a paranoid cot-case which means that anyone who dares to mention the word labour in any context,  [mine had nothing whatsoever to do with Labour as such] is, according to you, looking to cause trouble. It is you that is constantly seeking argument, which is why I have your posts blocked. I can’t be arsed with your infantile arguments.

As for Milipede, or whatever his name is [it doesn’t matter really!]...He’s doing a great job,just the kind of leader Britain needs the Labour party to have.

As one who is to the right of the blessed Margaret, Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun, I sincerely hope that he leads the Labour party for many a year, all of which will be as opposition.

[There’s only one "L" in Colin by the way!]
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17/12/2011 20:10:52
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Don Knight
"Who does guard the guardians??"

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This thread started of quite well.

Colin Hall submitted a post relating to his perspective as a non dom, and in my view pretty accurate.

TC followed with his version, and IMO hit the nail.

Marie Drew interceded with a well considered point of view.

Micheal Potter posted and the only thing I would disagree with are his ideas on the left wing, Europhiles are of all political persuasions.

Scouse came in with a reasoned post vis. the veto, which is correct. But the euro-crats did what is normal, when things do not go as planned, bent the rules.

Then we got side-tracked with political waffle, "left" ’right" "centre" and all and sundry.

World War11 gets a good mention, all good clean fun, history, who did what, and to whom.

Syd Jones contributed a valid point with more than a hint of truth.

Then we had a few niggles.

Alan Parkinson gave his view, but world wars 1 & 11 are history.
Regards the the love affair between the German and Austrian populations and the Nazi Party, we would all wave and clap if the alternative was a firing squad.

Edward Bishops view is a personal one.
But I think we need the European markets, but little else.

Raymond Halls post had me slightly confused, how would not being in the EU stop this type of event? pensioners of all nationalities would still/have purchased properties in Spain.

Scouse had a spasm of whinge mode, then his following post was on the money,IMO.

The thread is as the title states, so can we not play Cowboys and Bad Guys. Left, Right, or Centre is irrelevant, and where the hell did Santa come from?

Lastly my preference is for Germans, not the French.

Never say a humorous thing to a man who does not possess humour. He will always use it in evidence against you.
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17/12/2011 20:54:20
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