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kevin kavanagh
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Operational readiness

Well guys who was operationally ready ? As I recall we learned more about tactics from the regiments that literaly had to go there and suck it and see we were still teaching section attacks before the Falklands and afterwards started to teach fire team tactics.So as much as we all thought we were prepared we found the tactics we had so much based our basic training on were fundamentally unworkable the units that went had to wotk it out for themselves and did it BRILLIANTLY
"It is not the strongest of the species that will survive"
"Nor the most intelligent"
"But those most adaptable to change!!!!!!
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21/06/2005 01:17:50
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Colin Ross
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Quoting: Smith
Hi Colin. Do you put yourself out to be deliberately controversial, you speak for yourself. As far as I am concerned the old Army was very much smarter than todays although as I have said many times I consider our services to be the best. I live in Colchester and quite frankly I have never seen two squaddies with their berets on the same. There was a ruling you know, the band one inch centrally above th e right eye. †Frankly they often look quite scruffy to me.  

The point was raised that drill standards have dropped over the last 40 years which I argued against Syd that was all! I agree with you about Beret positioning with the Para’s and the R.E’s being the worst for some reason but that is upto the RSM’s to lay the law down.I suppose it really is silly to compare a modern day serviceman to a NSman in any aspect,We would’nt compare a soldier of WWII to a soldier from the Boer War would we yet the time gap is roughly the same as what we are comparing to, Every serviceman I know believes that the time they served was when their respective unit was at it’s peak ,and rightly so, the same as those that believe football in the 50’s was better than todays game.
Controversial Me !!
Not compared to some Syd
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21/06/2005 10:22:24
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Ray McWilliams
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Trooping the Colour.


As far as I was aware, I was posting a reply to the already running "Trooping the Colour" thread.

Why it has appeared as a new topic beats me!  No doubt Iíll be informed why it has appeared as a new thread.    

I have posted this in both.

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21/06/2005 11:53:04
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Syd Smith
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Trooping the Colour.

Hi Colin. You are entitled to your opinion just as much as anyone else is but do please have the common courtesy to refrain from calling ANY and I repeat ANY old soldiers a, what was the expression you used?? "A shower of schize", again I say if the cap fits wear it, you speak for yourself, you may well have been just that but do please, and I repeat myself remember, it aint how someone wears a cap or beret, its how they conduct themselves. Good manners and respect also come into it.
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21/06/2005 16:21:15
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Alan Dunlop
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Speaking as a civillian,I must say I find all servicemen’s photos very smart.Whether it be from the 50’s or the 90’s.Each took pride in their uniform and their regiment or service.Through the generations the materials have changed and yes some look better than others but all were kept smart.At the end of the day I feel as long as the soldier/sailor or pilot could do his job and protect his country who cares if he wears designer label or marks and sparks?It is not about the uniform its about what these men and women do.And I for one am very proud of them all.And yes I like watchin the troopin of the colour too.
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22/06/2005 02:22:58
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