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Dave Whitfield

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Middle East War

26 Billion ús, 300 British soldiers lives,1000 US servicemen dead plus casualties from other forces,Blair and Bush have a lot to answer for,they took no heed of the people when we said that we should not get involved and now our country is in dept and still we are throwing money and lives in to these conflicts--send these MPs who said "yes" to throw our young lads and lassies in to face death and see how quickly they see sense and remove our troops out of Afghanistan now before we loose more young lives.

MPs are always shouting that this war must go on to safeguard our security,what a load of codswallop,how is this conflict in the Middle East going to safe guard the security in the UK.  

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22/06/2010 10:14:55
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Joe Maughan
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Middle East War

Hi Dave, if you go to my past posts title "Understanding" you will see how I feel about the government sending our boys and girls out to Afganastan. there you will get the answers I got. However I agree with you why should our Servicemen have to become Heroes and die or maimed in a country that will go on being terrorists long after they have left. Just take a look at Iraq alot died and was maimed there before we pulled out. Bush and Blair sent our Servicemen in there to get rid of weapons of mass distruction and terrorism. There was no weapons of mass distruction and the terorism still goe`s on. When our Troups pull out of Afganastan doe`s anyone really believe that the terrorism will cease there. People may think it`s crazy of me to say,It is known where the telliban terrorists are so why not pull our Troups out and carpet bomb the whole area and then let the Afgastan Government look after it`s own affairs. I know this will not happen and that more of our boys and in some cases girls at the ages of 18,19 and 20 years will go on suffering and the people of Afganastan couldn`t care less.
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22/06/2010 13:46:11
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Rev. Roger Perry
"cave adsum"

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Middle East War

The first Afghan war was 1839 to 1842. The result? Defeat for us Brits. The Russians had a go - they lost. History is once again proving that we learn nothing from history.
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22/06/2010 13:53:35
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John (scouse) Hirons
"The Dingbat"

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We’ve had this debate several times & it’s still the same answers. The war in Afghanistan is stopping terrorist attacks in the UK. I thank Bush, Blair & the leaders of the 44 other countries who have & still are sending troops to stamp on the terrorist neck. You don’t believe it is protecting the UK, just ask yourself how many bomb attacks were there world wide before we went in & how many since, for that you can thank our Lads & Lasses who are out there protecting us with their bodies.

  If we take your advice & have our forces run up the white flag & run away what message will we be sending to any terror group in the world? To answer that look at the far east, once the locals had seen that the west could be beaten by asian forces (in this case the Japanese) there was an up serge of freedom movements & partisan groups. It’s cheaper to fight the terrorist over there than have to rebuild out towns & cities after the ’brave freedom fighters’ have blown them to bits.

A situation may be desperate but never serious
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22/06/2010 14:07:45
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Keith Baron
"K.A .The Robin"

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It is sad that 300 lives have been lost in this war and many hundreds more have been badly injured. The situation in Afghanistan does not appear to have improved much and the Government there appear to be corrupt.I know people say that our soldiers are there to prevent terrorists planting bombs in the U.K. but how long do they stay there - ten years, twenty years, forever?
My personal view is that they should come home and our security in the U.K. should be stepped up.

Fortune favours the bold
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22/06/2010 17:00:03
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