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John (scouse) Hirons
"The Dingbat"

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Quoting: Terry Carey
The title of the thread is one which in itself deserved a response and I believe I gave the appropriate one when I first posted on this thread.

The 30s have an undeserved reputation for, as I stated, it was a decade during which Britain prospered as it has seldom done since.  

I am not going to go over my previous posts on here but would defy anyone to claim that I am currently posting from an entrenched position.

I have been a member for a good number of years and would be delighted if we had the quality and variety of subjects for debate which we had once upon a time.

Regrettably we have lost many of the members who then entered into discussions and came up with telling contributions without descending into farce or kicking lumps out of each other.

I post according to my conscience and the subjects on offer.   Unfortunately we have seen the influx of certain people who will not, for reasons of their own, post intelligent replies but treat every thread alike and post that which they believe to be humorous but are simply false attempts at levity which debases the subject matter.

Would that we could return to the days to which I refer.  I do not believe that we are bereft of members who are capable of such posting and would dearly love to see threads which will initiate the cut and thrust of ’Debate’ and not argument.

There is an old saying that ’One must cut one’s coat according to the cloth’ and if there are not threads which one would like to see then I, and others, must either refrain from posting or enter into exchanges on those which are opened.



Alright Terry, Your post has summed up why I started this post me auld mate. I knew I was on a hiding to nowt but at least it sparked a form of debate, which FR used to be full of in fact it was one of the reasons I joined. Over the last few months there has been only 4  threads on the go all light hearted that took but seconds to add to.

  There will always be the twonk who doesn’t want debate but will jump in and try to divert the debate to brain dead script, or the nasty type who just wants to make waves & get up peoples noses calling it winding up but that’s life.

  A short while ago we had some really loathsome types who for their own perverted reasons started a series of ’range wars’ their soul purpose was to insult & control everything posted, thank goodness those days & idiots have gone.

  All I can say to anyone interested is if you have a topic you would like to debate throw it in on a thread, you must remember that there will be counter argument & as I have learnt to my cost some very good debaters on this site so don’t expect to win every time but don’t take it personally it’s the point that has been lost not you.  


A situation may be desperate but never serious
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02/05/2012 20:28:26
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