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John Daly ....
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How is it that all young people are Lazy, good for nothings except our own. ??.

A Quote................

"I see no hope for the future of our people  if they are dependant on the frivolous youth of today, for certainly all youth are reckless beyond words. When i was a boy we were taught to be discrete and respectful of elders.  but the present day youth are wise and impatient of restraint"

Who said this??...........

Hesiod, a Greek Poet  700 B.C.

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24/02/2012 10:53:31
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raymond hall
"happy bowler"

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cyber family 174 general

good afternoon all,no bowls for me tomorrow,why?tempreture forcast is a pleasant 39+c and osh say we cannot playif it exceeds 37c so I will just have to suffer, put my shorts on stock up with food and booze and laze about under the pergola watching sport all day. its going to be hard but somebody has to do it,so I have decided its going to be the wife and I.we deserve it. ray/shirl
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24/02/2012 11:44:39
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Mike Pass
"Numquam praestiti"

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Ray, you are posting out of forum again, my friend. Please check that you are within the confines of the CF forum before making your posts....

You can’t train stupid!
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24/02/2012 15:47:59
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Patricia Davies
"The Huntress"

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Quoting: Mike Pass
Ray, you are posting out of forum again, my friend. Please check that you are within the confines of the CF forum before making your posts....  

Ray love, this is what to do...

Open FR
Go to forums (left hand colum)
press forums
look for latest post on CF 174
click on it
See all the latest posts

Bottom of the page
You are now ready to ’new post’
’Quote’ to answer a post

You can only ’edit’ your own posts.
Hope this helps love.

This works and you won’t get mislaid again.
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24/02/2012 16:30:50
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Bill Netcher
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Quoting: maurice robinson
Ido feel for most of the young people who cant find work , but lets bring into the equasion the fact that when some of us on this site left school we were allowed to take a job anywhere without the constraints of some of the stupid rules and regulations  that are prevelent and hinder companys from taking them on also the demise of manufacturing doesnt help . furthermore at the age of 18 the armed forces were thereto pick up the slack. Ontop of that we have had a massiveincrease in the population exasipated by the influx of young Immigrants Yes as a 79 year old i feel sosorry for the future of our young people.  

Spot on Maurice of your words of youth unemployment.       My opinion is that when I left school in 58 and went down to the labour exchange as it was called than i was asked and I am sure a lot on here was asked the same question what do you want to do.    Which I think that is where the difference is and not to be told you will do this job.    Also when you went into the job most industries had the apprenticeship going which i think was 3 years also you always worked with a guy who was due to retire and He would pass on his skills to the young apprentice.     Also you got job satisfaction which I must admit I havent heard that word for a very long time.    Cheers
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27/02/2012 19:59:33
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